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The CEO of YOU: Your Personal Brand Matters


Who am I? What am I passionate about? What makes me unique?

Regardless if you are a CEO of an fortune 500 organization, a successful entrepreneur, an intern at a start up company, or thinking about starting your own business, you represent a brand, a brand that is unique and created by you.  Many of us walk around every day not conscious to the fact that we are walking brands.,,,, Yes Brands, like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Toyota, Michael Khors, and other labels associated with businesses, products and services we instantly recognize. Many of these brands, have developed reputations over time and have cemented a place within their respective markets.

When branding yourself, you need to think of yourself as if you were a business or organization. Business are driven by their mission, values, and how they are perceived by consumers. If these items are strong areas of the business or organizations, they are likely to experience success. The same can apply to individuals. A personal brand is synonymous with your reputation, your values, your purpose and how you are perceived, especially in the virtual world..

Having a personal brand is essential for career and personal success. If you haven’t given any thought to creating and building your own personal brand before, now is the time to begin.

Let’s get started: Steps to bring your brand to life!

1. Know Thy Self! Take time to gain clarity of your strengths, unique skills and talents. It is also good to look at yourself in the mirror and identify what you see in yourself and then think about how others receive you, what do others see in you? Another key area to consider in creating your brand is to identify your top 3-5 values, ask youself, “What do I value?”

2. Discover your passion. Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. Your passion often leads you to your life’s purpose. When you pursue your passions purposefully it fuels your actions and gives your inspiration or motivation. A good first step to discovering your passion is to ask yourself the question, ” Why am I here”, and “What am I here for?” I am a strong advocate for pursing your passion with a purpose, on purpose because your life’s purpose leads you to your best self and everyone wants to be their best self.

3. Now that you are getting closer to establishing your brand by taking a honest inventory of yourself (know thy self) and  identifying your passion the next step is to put it into action, having the courage to serve. Service is important to enhancing your brand. It is also essential for leadership. Leaders serve! The most successful business are powered by exceptional customer service. When you are building, establishing, and or living your brand, you are constantly serving or providing a service, its your unique strengths, skills and talents in action.  Outreach is also critical and complements service. If you are serving others, your brand is being highlighted. As the owner and walking example of your brand, others must see it. Service is outreach!

4. Buy into your own brand. Now that you are establishing your brand, you should own it. Owning means accepting it, building it, and protecting it by all means. If you are the CEO of you and you are the live walking example, you want to make sure it (you) are presentable at all times, that you carry yourself they way you want people to see your best you and be consistent doing so!  This includes your social media or online brand as well. Your social media pages, blogs or websites should be consistent with your personal brand.  A consistent persona branding strategy build credibility and credible brands and business are usually successful.

5. Tell your story!  Narratives are powerful and should be shared. Every businesses has a story as to how it started. You will want to infuse your narrative into your brand once you’ve identified it. Eventually, you brand will shine through your narrative.

A strong personal brand is ubiquitous and ever evolving. Personal branding helps you live with a purpose and allows you to have greater management over your life. Your personal brand helps you make the most of your talents and what you’ve got to offer. Other benefits of having a personal brand is leaving your mark where ever you go.

Now that you made it this far, give it a shot, create you brand, live it and feel free to share it! Finally, I am highlighting a video on creating your personal brand. I hope you find it enlightening!

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